Stone Road Alvar

This is a provincially significant habitat with some of the highest diversity of species-at-risk to be found anywhere in Ontario! It is home to a high diversity of wildflowers, it is an excellent place to see butterflies, birds, and with a keen eye, you might see the endangered Blue Racer or Grey Fox, both species have their Canadian distribution limited to Pelee Island! While this isan amazingly fascinating place to visit, it can be unpleasant if not prepared. It is also home to chiggers, especially abundant during the hot dry days of mid-summer. Wear long pants and tuck them into your socks, or better, rubber boots. Insect repellant or sulphur powder, applied around your ankles, are good additional deterrents.

North of East-West Road is another trail system through this NCC property. This is an unmarked network of trails that connects with East Park Campground. A compass is recommended for exploring this area. The trails are mown once annually so beware of chiggers in the long grass during the summer. The system goes through a diverse alvar complex of woodland, open woodland, and shrub thickets. Another great place for butterfly and birdwatching as well as seeing a diversity of alvar wildflowers, shrubs and trees.

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