The Pelee Buzz

Your Island Passport to Nature

The Pelee Buzz is a project of the Nature on Pelee Group, a volunteer group of islanders with an interest in promoting the amazing natural biodiversity and features of Pelee Island, situated in the heart of the Carolinian Zone of Canada.

Barn swallow with nesting material. photo S. Onishi

Exploring the Island

Join us on the island! Pelee Island offers a diverse selection of activities and events. There is something for everyone. Whether you are participating in nature excursions or following our self-guided walk and cycling trip guides, you will certainly make the most of your time here.

About Pelee Island

Welcome to the most southern inhabited place in Canada. Pelee Township consists of nine islands in the western basin of Lake Erie. Pelee is the largest of the islands (19 km by 6 km) and Ohio is the southern border. The location provides a rare Carolinian forest rich in biodiversity. There are two Provincial Nature Reserve Parks and multiple reserve lands of three conservation organizations on the island, teaming with birds and endangered species of wild life.

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