Lighthouse Point

Go north on East Shore Road, pass by Lake Henry, which was formed when the barrier beach berm was breached the winter of 1972-73 and flooded the once drained land farmed by Henry Nageleisen. It is now a provincial Nature Reserve and home to a large population of the American Lotus and a diversity of water birds. There is a parking lot near the end of the road and bike parking at the end. The trail begins at the end of the road; walk along the trail and boardwalk with water on either side. Watch for turtles basking on the logs. Fox snakes can sometimes be seen here also. The trail continues on the east sandy beach (nice for a swim break!) and you will soon see the 1833 stone lighthouse (first lit in 1834), restored by a grant obtained by the Heritage Centre in 2000. It no longer functions as a navigational light; that function has been taken over by a new light that can be seen out in the Pelee Passage to the northeast. This section of trail, with its tall cottonwoods, is often a good place to spot spring migratory songbirds, before they head north to Point Pelee.

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